Drug-Free Workplace

All workplaces must comply with the Health and Safety in Employment Act. This requires employers to take all practicable steps to identify and manage hazards in their workplaces. Effective drug-free programmes are workplace specific and will vary according to the requirements of a particular business. However, they will involve either a detection or testing component. […]

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Nyx's brush with the Politicians

Nyx and Wayne present to the Development Wainuiomata Small Business Group and get the opportunity to pose with the Mayor for a photo opp.   Read the full article here...

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SME’s Attract Higher Numbers of Substance Abusers

Small business is big business in New Zealand. Small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) account for over 97% of active New Zealand businesses and employ 30% of the workforce. However, SME’s are greatly disadvantaged when it comes to drug use in the workplace. They are less likely than large companies to have programmes in place […]

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Wellington Girl Searches the Hikitia

This is the article published in the NZ Dog World Magazine about Detection Dogs and features our own NYX (Garsova Gidget). K9 Nyx works for ScentTECH Drug Detection Services and she recently had the opportunity to train on the “Hikitia” - the only working, floating, steam, heavy lift crane still operating in the world. With […]

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Efficiency of Drug Detection by Dogs

Jezierski et. al. (2014) have published research done in actual training and testing environments, which confirms the effectiveness of trained detection dogs to find illicit substances. Over 1200 searches were observed in which factors such as, type of drug, dog breed, and the dogs experience of the environment were varied. The results of these experiments […]

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Canine Detection

Author - Dr Wayne Severn History of Working Dogs - for nearly 15,000 years dogs have lived with and served humankind as companions, hunters, shepherds and most recently detectives. Much of the relationship has been forged in warfare with dogs serving as sentries, guards, mascots, messengers, draft animals and scouts for the Egyptians, Greeks, Assyrians, and […]

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Disruptive Technologies

Author - Dr Wayne Severn The increasing growth in the use and trafficking of narcotics has become a worldwide social problem. Inspecting people and property plays a key role in the eradication of illicit drugs from society and it has stimulated the development of a variety of detection technologies to aid in these activities. This document […]

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Drugs Structure and Effect

Author - Dr Wayne Severn This appendix provides brief background information on several drugs that have been considered in this document. Readers desiring more detailed information should consult the references listed.   Read the full article here

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The Illicit Drug Problem in New Zealand

Author - Dr Wayne Severn Drug-related problems can have a significant impact on individuals, families and whanāu, communities and society as a whole. The costs, including treatment, education, service provision, enforcement and custodial care, can be measured in financial terms, but the personal and emotional costs on the lives of individuals and the people around them […]

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