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Drug Detection Dogs

Drug Dogs, Sniffer Dogs, Detection Dogs... call them what you will, our Dogs will help you maintain a Drug Free, safer Environment.

ScentTECH is passionate about providing only the best drug detection services. Our dogs are specifically chosen from working lines with proven work ethic and superior health. They are continually trained in new and challenging environments and independently validated to international standards (SWGDOG) by a respected expert in the K9 detection field....



Drug Testing

ScentTech is New Zealand's only Drug Detection Company capable of providing a full range of Drug Detection and Testing Services.

These include:

• Canine Drug Detection,

• Next Generation Oral Fluid (Saliva) Testing,

• Urine Testing,

• Methamphetamine Property Testing

• Drug Awareness Education,

• Policy Writing, and

• Expert Witness Services

Providing a safe working environment is a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Our expert team will work with you to....




Expert Witness

The right expert can offer a powerful advantage. For more than 5 years, ScentTECH has provided law firms, government entities, insurance companies and many other industries with advice from our highly qualified consultants.

Having an extensive scientific knowledge (PhD in Chemistry) and vast experience in canine olfaction (25 years), ScentTECH can provide opinions on a wide variety of Drug Detection (dogs) and Testing (collection and analysis).

Impartiality, transparency and fairness are critical issues for the courts. Our experts all know and adhere to the New Zealand High Court Rules: Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses....


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