Expert Witness

The right expert can offer a powerful advantage. For more than 5 years, ScentTECH has provided law firms, government entities, insurance companies and many other industries with advice from our highly qualified consultants.

Having an extensive scientific knowledge (PhD in Chemistry) and vast experience in canine olfaction (25 years), ScentTECH can provide opinions on a wide variety of Drug Detection (dogs) and Testing (collection and analysis).

Impartiality, transparency and fairness are critical issues for the courts. Our experts all know and adhere to the New Zealand High Court Rules: Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses:

1. An expert witness has an overriding duty to assist the Court impartially on relevant matters within the expert’s area of expertise.

2. An expert witness is not an advocate for the party who engages the witness.

Workplace Drug Policies

If you are considering employing one of ScentTECH’s Drug Detection or Testing Services in a situation which directly involves staff or students, you will need a Drug and Alcohol Policy which:

• Shows your responsibility and commitment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all staff/students.

• Ensures that all staff/students can work in an environment free of alcohol and drug use or abuse.

• Outlines the company’s expectations and requirements for creating and maintaining an alcohol and drug free work environment, and for dealing with substance abuse in the workplace.

• Provides an opportunity for staff members/students with a substance use problem to get well rather than provide grounds for suspension or termination.
ScentTECH can help you write or update existing policies which will allow you to introduce Drug Detection on your site.

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