Drug Detection Dogs

Drug Dogs, Sniffer Dogs, Detection Dogs...

call them what you will, our Dogs will help you maintain a Drug Free, safer Environment.

ScentTECH is passionate about providing only the best drug detection services. Our dogs are specifically chosen from working lines with proven work ethic and superior health. They are continually trained in new and challenging environments and independently validated to international standards (SWGDOG) by a respected expert in the K9 detection field. Combine this with our handler’s knowledge of science and canine olfaction, you have a recipe for a successful Canine Detection Team.

ScentTECH Dog Teams specialize in searching:


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, an employer is obliged to provide employees with the highest level of protection from risks as is reasonably practicable. This includes dangerous behaviour resulting from drug or alcohol use. ScentTECH dogs have been recognised as a very effective tool to detect the use and/or trafficking of drugs in workplaces. Our dogs are experienced in searching for drug stashes as well as detecting recent use by individuals (impairment). Not only are drug dogs a more effective alternative to drug testing (Urine of Saliva Testing), but they are more cost efficient, less invasive and don’t impact the productivity of your staff.

Educational Institutes

The increasing prevalence of illicit drugs is reflected in all sectors of the community and educational institutes are not exempt from these trends. Currently, a number of schools and higher education facilities take advantage of ScentTECH’s Canine drug detection services to ensure they are providing a safe, learning conducive environment for their students and staff. Most importantly the service is expedient, and non-disruptive to the students.

Apartment Buildings

Drug use and manufacture is a concern for every property manager and Body corp. Insurance companies may not pay out to decontaminate toxic chemicals unless a building is routinely searched. Drug detection dogs provide a unique solution to this issue. By sniffing at apartment doors, they are able to detect the presence of drugs without entering the individual apartment. All publicly accessible areas are able to be searched with having obtained explicit approval of the tenants.

Private Homes

As a parent, you can never be entirely certain if your children are being induced to experiment with drugs. As a house search is quick and discrete we can be in and out of a house without involving the entire household. In this fashion we provide a non-confrontational service which permits early intervention if drugs are detected.

ScentTech is New Zealand's only Drug Detection Company capable of providing a full range of Drug Detection and Testing Services.

These include:

• Canine Drug Detection (utilising independently validated Drug Dogs),

• Next Generation Oral Fluid (Saliva) Testing (preferred method of the Employment Courts, and Unions),

• Urine Testing (the traditional testing method),

• Methamphetamine Property Testing

• Drug Awareness Education (promoting informed choice), and

• Policy Writing, and

• Expert Witness Services


Contact us for an obligation free quote for any of these drug detection options.


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